Nuthatch is on a tree.

7 Interesting Facts about Nuthatches


What you should know:

  1. Nuthatches prefer to reside in open, mature pine trees.
  2. Their diet switches from insects and spiders in the summer to sunflower seeds and suet in the winter.
  3. In its search for insects, nuthatches will use “tools” such as bark to pry off larger pieces of bark.
  4. They will often store seeds for retrieval later in the same day or as a quick source of food for the next morning.
  5. Nuthatches are often observed creeping headfirst down tree trunks and poles.
  6. Nuthatches roost in a communal group which may contain up to 100 birds.
  7. They can stay in their roost cavity for up to 40 hours without feeding. This enables them to survive winter storms.