Cardinal is on a tree stump.

7 Interesting Facts about Cardinals


What you should know:

  1. Cardinals prefer to face their food while eating. If you are using a tube feeder add a seed catching tray for better results.
  2. Their favorite seeds are safflower and black oil sunflower. Straight safflower is great because it will also deter squirrels!
  3. Cardinals love birdbaths, the water level should be 2-3 inches at the deepest part.
  4. Cardinals prefer dense coverage such as large shrubs, thick vines, and evergreen trees.
  5. Cardinals will hatch up to 4 broods in one season. The male tends the one while the female starts the next brood.
  6. The male cardinal is very defensive; it will spend hours fighting its reflection in windows. Putting window silhouettes on reflective surfaces can fix this problem.
  7. Cardinals can live up to 15 years in the wild.