Bird eating from a suet cake bird feeder.

Winter Birding Tips

Winter is here! The birds that don’t migrate need our help to be taken care of! Here are some tips for keeping the birds happy this Winter season: 

  • Use feeders with good drainage. A feeder with good drainage helps to keep the seeds inside from spoiling quickly. This ensures that the seeds will be as fresh as possible when the birds come by for a visit.
  • Use a feeder with a roof! These types of feeders are great during the winter season because not only does it help to protect the seed or suet from the elements, but it also provides a sheltered place for the birds to sit comfortably while eating.
  • Fill your feeders with suet! Suet is a high energy food source, feeding suet gives the birds the chance to fill up quickly and provides them with more energy to get through the cold winter days.

Birding during the winter season can be tough but rewarding. If you want to make a difference in our feathered friends lives this winter, make sure to try out some of these tips!