Hummingbird is enjoying nectar from a flower.

7 Interesting Facts about Hummingbirds

What you should know:

  1. There are 15 types of hummingbirds in the U.S.A and 5 types in Canada.
  2. Hummingbirds depend on artificial sugar until nature brings blossoms.
  3. Hummingbirds feed 5-8 times per hour and consume approximately ½ of their weight in sugar daily.
  4. At least 3 hummingbird feeders are recommended per yard to reduce conflict.
  5. Feeders should be set out by early May (in Canada) and early April (Southern USA).
  6. Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow.
  7. Hummingbirds can live up to 10 years coming back to the same feeder every year.