Arched Window Bin Feeder (10088)

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Burgundy rectangle shaped feeder with a pyramid shaped lid There are windows on each side to see the seeds It is hanging outdoors.

Arched Window Bin Feeder (10088)

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Our Arched Window Bin Feeder is an attractive burgundy coloured feeder, built with a window on each side to see the different seeds that it is filled with. You can hang it anywhere in your yard to invite multiple types of birds to check out its seeds.

Mixed Seed

Mixed Seeds and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds


Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Finches, and Chickadees


Product Details

  • Red
Designed to Attract:
  • Cardinals
  • Grosbeaks
  • Finches
  • Chickadees
Feed Type:
  • Mixed Seeds
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
  • Metal
Products: Backyard Birding
  • Mixed Seed
Dimensions: L: 8" / 20.25 cm x W: 8" / 20.25 cm x H: 11" / 28 cm